California Film & Television Tax Credit Program 3.0

Online Application Portal Tips

  • You may set up an account now.
  • Be sure to click “Complete” before moving on to the next section in order to save all new data and/or changes.
  • If you get an error message, refresh the page.
  • You may make changes to each page even after you complete each section.
  • Once all sections are completed and the application is submitted, the Jobs Ratio will appear.
  • If further changes are needed after the application is submitted, click “Recall” under “Application Summary” page.
  • Once the application window closes, applicants are unable to “recall” the application; no further changes can be made.
  • Click the logo (top left) to see a summary of all your application(s) and jobs ratio(s).

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Please use Chrome or Firefox Web Browsers – Internet Explorer is not recommended, as its usage may result in multiple error messages when applying to the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0